What is PPC Advertising and Why Should My Business Use it?

You know your business has a lot to offer – the key is helping all your prospective customers see that.

With so many competitors across the digital landscape, digital marketing for small businesses is tough. It may seem impossible to get your ad the views you’d like without some type of help.

PPC ads offer that type of help by letting you buy the exposure you want – no, seriously. You can buy it.

What is a PPC Ad? How Does it Work?
PPC stands for “pay per click.” If you’ve ever scrolled along a search engine page or a social media feed and noticed ads with the word “sponsored” somewhere in one of the corners, you’ve seen PPC ads.

Rather than earning visits organically, PPC advertising sees you earn it monetarily. While some would recoil at this prospect, it isn’t nearly as slimy as it may seem. It’s smart, and it keeps your audience in mind.

In the past, paying to get your ad seen could mean sending an intrusive popup to your target – which could repel customers from wanting to learn more about your offer. Modern PPC ads are inbound, meaning they appear on feeds or search engines a person is already looking at. In this way, they promote you without interrupting your audience member’s day.

Even better, they’re tailored around specific topics – so if you sell cooking services, for example, your ad can be tailored to appear to those whose search history indicates they have an interest in culinary arts. You won’t end up trying to teach a person seeking an auto mechanic how to cook a risotto.

Understanding the Setup and Charging Processes
When you write your ad, you’ll be able to choose the target audience you want. This includes age and geographic ranges, gender, and specific keywords or industries you want the ad-based in.

As far as how you’re charged, this is where the ad gets its name. When you pay, you set out a budget and are charged from it whenever the ad is clicked.

Digital marketing for small businesses is much easier when you use PPC ads to jumpstart your efforts and give you that guaranteed boost you need for a new business or even a new product.

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