Template vs. Custom Designed Websites

A debate is nearly as old as internet marketing itself. Everyone knows you must have a healthy website and online presence to have a successful business. But with new and innovative website creation and platform options popping up every day, the question remains: custom or template website? There are many variables to consider when deciding on the best approach for your company.

Template Websites
For many businesses, throwing around tens of thousands of dollars and waiting for a custom website to be built is just not an option. Maybe you have a new company that is just starting up and does not have enough revenue. Or perhaps you need to have a website up as soon as possible and don’t have the time to go through design phases and wait for a custom website. Or maybe you just want a template website because you found one that you like. Whatever your reason, template websites have plenty of advantages and disadvantages, too. Pros
Often, the biggest reason people choose to get a template-designed website is cost. Custom websites can become expensive, and template websites provide a great alternative.

Various platforms offer free templates that you can build off of yourself with your own content. Usually, you simply have to pay a yearly hosting fee of around $150, and you are good to go. This option will limit what your site can do, but it’s a reliable option for those looking to get a website up and running without spending much.

Working with a web design agency is always a good choice for those who want a more robust website. While it will be more expensive than a free site builder, getting a template design site from an agency is still highly cost-effective and provides you with a website that can do a lot more than merely showing some words.

Speed is also a significant advantage for template design websites. Getting a custom-built website with unique layouts and designs can take anywhere from 90-120 days at least to complete. Template websites take most of the long work out, meaning you can get a pretty simple website up and running in half the time.

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